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Body Sculpt


Body Sculpt – This is a new to YTF Studio class offering by Nicole and Inner Warrior Fitness.


Class sessions will be 6 weeks long. The first session will be 30 minute classes, and after that 45 minute classes. Class is limited to 10 people. Come in comfortable clothing, lycra bottoms and top, no shoes needed, you will wear socks or think slippers for class. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle.


Body Sculpt will provide all over body strengthening, while building your inner core.


Class will incorporate barre foundations, low impact aerobics, and strength training. Weights and other equipment will also be incorporated. Although the barre is traditionally used in dance;

Body Sculpt will use the barre for balance making this class perfect for all ages and abilities.


For registration contact Inner Warrior Fitness or email Nicole -

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